PARKI has created a multi purpose validation unit designed for store fronts and reception desks to apply quick discounts or parking validations.

The Unit connect via Wifi or LAN to the car park central PC.

The unit can be used to generate loyalty points based on customer spending amounts or preset discount rates.

The barcode validator unit works with car park operators have access to Barcode Validator Unit reports


CASUAL PATRONS take a ticket upon entry to the car park. Their number plate is recorded via the LPR system. When shopping a casual user presents their entry ticket to a store clerk. The clerk scans the ticket on the PARKi Barcode Validator Unit and enters the amount spent by the customer. This value translates to a monetary discount to the car park rate. The discount can be accumulated across multiple stores. The customer can pay for their parking at the pay station. At the exit station the LPR will recognise the customer has paid and raise the boom gate.

Alternatively a casual patron can pay at the exit station with a credit card.

FITNESS CENTRE AND CHILDCARE CENTRES can have PARKi Barcode Validation Units. Employees can scan an entry ticket at the validation unit. A predetermined discount rate is applied for the patron (E.g. 30 minutes free parking).

CINEMA PATRONS present their entry ticket to the Cinema employee. The employee will scan the ticket at thePARKi Barcode Validation Units. The customer will receive 3 hours free parking.



Customers can benefit from discounted parking and centre management can actively incentivise customers to shop in the centre by advertising the rewards system PARKi can put in place.



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