Parking Payment System

The easiest way to pay for parking using your smart phone from the comfort of your vehicle.
You can now top up a session without returning to your car.


It only takes a minute to download the
app, register with PARKi and start paying
for parking immediately.

Just make sure you have these details ready:

• Credit card details

• Car registration

• Email address

• Mobile phone number


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By linking your phone, car registration and credit card to the PARKi secure payments system, you can pay for parking using your smart phone.


Pay for parking using a credit card, via the PARKi smart phone app from the comfort of your own vehicle.


QR Code

Unique one use QR codes can be generated where a QR code entry/exit payment system is needed.


Virtual Ticket

Counts down available time left to park. Quick access to a map of where you parked & ability to top-up a session remotely. Ticket includes branding from carpark managers.


Find a park

Find all available on-street and off street parking using the PARKi location mapping function.



View past parking history and download parking payments.



Link a users credit card,car registrations, iris scans.
Ability to set up a user pay account.



Learn how to register, search and pay for your parking

Where to park

Parki currently operates with the following operator, with selected car park sites.

Australian rollout continues through 2015.

Care Park Pty Ltd (Nationally)



(coming soon)

Enhancing your parking experience

Take control of your parking with PARKi.

Find a carpark

Enter a postcode or suburb and PARKi will find the nearest carpark to your destination.


Paying for parking

After parking your car in a PARKi enabled area,you are asked to enter the bay or zone number into the app.
You can then select the amount of time you need.
Confirm your parking payment and leave your vehicle.


Parking reminder service

PARKi will remind you 10 minutes before your parking session is due to expire so that you don’t receive

a parking fine.


Top-up feature to avoid a fine.

PARKi, allows you to remotely top-up your parking session to avoid a fine, adding more time, providing you have not reached the maximum allowable time for your bay.

Find my car

PARKi will find you car park on a map and give you directions from your current location, if you have forgotten where you have parked.


Permits and Valet

PARKi supports authorised permit parking and valet parking services.


Merchant coupons and deals

Reduce your parking fees with vouchers and coupons pushed directly to the app.



Book a bay before arriving at your destination by time and date - Coming Soon.


Group accounts

PARKi, allows, multiple users and vehicle under a single account

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